Rip Curl - Flashbomb+ Plus 6/4mm Zip Free Hooded (Black/RCW18)

They finally did it, Rip Curl have made a zip free hooded wetsuit, and it's awesome. Removing the zip gives unmatched flexibility through the chest, thus giving you more movement in your paddling, and extra comfort. This Flashbomb Plus 6/4mm is a seriously warm winter wetsuit designed for serious surfers in freezing conditions. Built from E5 neoprene, E5 taped, and E5 flash lining throughout for quick drying. This suit is the business.

Product Code: 28769
Sale Price: £369.95
RRP: £469.95

Product Information

Thickness: 6mm body | 4mm arms/legs/critical movement areas

The Flashbomb is for the surfer who wants the best wetsuit possible, no compromises. The Flashbomb is consructed with the most advanced neoprene and loaded with the latest ocean technology.


-Easier Zip Free Entry System
-100% E5 Flash lining
-Liquid mesh panels
-100% External Aquaban+ tape
-Internal E5 Flash lining tape in stress points
-Magnet key pocket

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