Kids Winter

Winter wetsuits for kids. If your little one fancies the deep winter surf adventure then you are going to need a kids winter wetsuit. The winter is the season where the most swell comes through but in order to reap the rewards we have to prepare for the cold. Our kids wetsuits from Ripcurl, Xcel, O'Neill and many more are available in 5mm up. Some come with a hood, some without. If you are looking for the warmest wetsuit then look for a built in hood version, however you can buy a hood should you need one.

We at Secretspot are passionate about all things surfing and everyone in the company surf regularly. Our knowledge and expertise on wetsuits is unmatched and we are here to make sure you get the right wetsuit the first time. If you need any help in choosing your kids winter wetsuit then please don't hesitate to contact us on 01723 867919.