Wetsuit Hoods

Wetsuits hoods are a very important part of surfing, not only does a wetsuit hood keep you warm it also protects your ears. Surfers ear is a condition which no one wants, and wetsuit hoods are the most popular prevention.  Not only that but 30% of the body's heat can be lost through the head, so a Wetsuit Hood not only protects you but keeps you at your warmest.  Wetsuit Hoods have become staple for cold water surfing, not only does it stop the flush of cold water, but braces your body for that first duck dive underneath the winter waves.

We stock a wide range of wetsuits hoods that have tried and tested by the team here at SecretSpot. We surf the North Sea every day weather that's at Bunkers at K10 or off round North Bay, and a Hood is what keeps us in the water for longer and longer. If you need any help choosing the ideal hood for yourself give us a shout on 01723 867919.