Alder - Spirit Fast Dry 4mm Glove (Black)

The Alder Spirit Glove is back with some amazing improvements! Firstly, we see the new glove come with a Fast Dry lining inside which is not only warm but incredibly comfortable and also boasts a quick drying time for the difficult second surf in deep winter. Secondly, we see a completely glued and sealed seam which will discourage any water coming into the glove for ultimate insulation. A great glove, just as warm as many of it's more expensive counterparts and a favourite here at Secret Spot.


  • 4mm thickness
  • Fast Dry Lining - a polyester fiber inside for quick drying time and thermal barrier
  • Fully glued seams for ultimate seal
  • SuperGrip sole for amazing grip, even when wet
  • SoftSkin mesh on upper hand for wind resistance and water resistance
Product Code: 20489
Price: £26.95

Product Information

--------SECRET SPOT REVIEW--------

This excellent glove is a great budget buy and a firm favourite on the East Coast with many locals choosing this over more expensives gloves for the winter. The Alder Spirit Fast Dry Glove is a great solution for any all year round cold hand dilemma. There is a no fancy science with this, it's just simple. The new Fast Dry lining is a polyester fibre which is comfy and warm and a great addition to these already excellent gloves.

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