Dryrobe Changing Towels - L/S Dryrobe Small (Sky Blue/Grey)

The Dryrobe has been a secret weapon for Triathloners for a couple of years now and finally the surf world has a bit of the action! This incredible robe is designed to not only dry you but keep you warm whilst you dry. The Dryrobe is a fully zipped changing towel with a hood and a nylon outer for water and wind resistance. This is a great piece of equipment for all year round use, especially winter.
Product Code: 31630
Price: £129.95

Product Information

--------SECRET SPOT REVIEW--------

The Dryrobe is the best surf towel we have ever seen! The towel is fully zipped, fleece lined with a nylon outer for water resistance and wind resistance. This is a serious piece of kit for anyone who wants the best changing experience possible. We love this towel, and you will too.


- Length : 1.2m long from shoulder body change space 84cm wide

- Full Length Sleeves

- Sealed seams & Reversible Zip

- Holds a mp3 player inside an inner pocket

- Fully machine washable

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