Booicore - Changing Towel + Free Bag (Royal Blue/4830)

A new changing towel robe from the boys at Booicore.

Reasons why you need one: You want to get changed in a public place and don't want to get nicked for it. Or you are filthy in a public place, want to get the muck off and want to put your pants back on without mooning passers by. Or... you get the idea!

Product Code: 28327
Price: £35.99

Product Information

It's simple. Protect the family jewels. Don't get mistaken for a dogger. Don't get arrested for showing your little fella off to passers by. Get dry and change wearing your BOOICORE changing towel. They're built to last. They're big. You can wash them (see - mum/girlfriend/maid) at high temperatures like you do those ancient towels in your bathroom that you've had for years.


- Top quality cotton toweling

- Embroidered Booicore logo

- Free Booicore drawstring storage bag

- Handy front pocket

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