FCS - Chamois Poncho Surf Towel (Slate)

Not just any old towel, this is a micro fibre Chamois towel from FCS. Most surf robes are heavy when wet but this bad boy is super absorbing and won't feel like you're wearing an anvil. Don't wear it for too long though, you may end up living in it.
Product Code: 16685
Price: £45.00

Product Information

How to change into your drier clothes on the beach without flashing the general public? FCS has you covered, literally. A great way to avoid those embarrassing changing moments in the beach car park. No more worries about being arrested for exposing yourself! FCS Poncho Towelling Changing Robe is a lightweight synthetic microfibre that will dry you up while keeping you from exposing yourself. Hooded poncho style design, the robe features a provate inner pocket for cash, keys or whatever you may need to stash on the beach. The days of driving in soggy clothes are behind you with the FCS Poncho Towelling Changing Robe.


- Microfibre Chamois material

- Nice generous fit

- Internal accessory pocket

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