Lost Surfboards - 6'4 V3 Stealth Carbon Wrap (FCS 2 // Channels // WS19)

Dimensions: 6’4” 21.00” 2.70” 39.50 cl

The V3 Stealth is the brother of the ever popular Rocket with some upgrades. This board would be best described as a sloppy surf performance board with all the trimmings. The V3 Stealth is suited to a surfer wanting the best of both worlds, something for weaker stuff and something to push in the better surf. The speed channels through the fins provide drive and speed in critical points. Combine this with the Carbon Wrap technology, it's now incredibly strong and light.
Product Code: 28029
Sale Price: £549.99
RRP: £710.00

Product Information


Five fin slots / FCS 2 / Fins not included


Carbon Wrap eliminates the standard wooden stringer, alters traditional flex principles and re-envisions the way a surfboard's flex patterns are created and controlled. Ultra-light, EPS cores are wrapped in an exoskeleton of strategically positioned, carbon fiber bands. Aligned together at the nose, they gradually curve outward towards the rails. The curve creates and controls a unique torsional flex that livens up as it nears the tail, just in front of the fins. The carbon then wraps from the bottom, around the rails and onto the deck. This unique method creates Carbon Wrap's lively flex that loads and releases...resulting in nextlevel speed and drive.

CARBON WRAP TECHNOLOGY: Lightweight, without sacrificing strength. Increases drive and provides and unique and lightning fast re-flex effect, propelling your surfing into the #nextlevel of performance.

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