Firewire Surfboards - 6'0 Almond Butter FCS II (Timbertek)

The Almond Butter is a cracking shortboard with all the hallmarks of a future classic. Rob Machado takes his designs to the Firewire construction to create this masterpiece. As a truly versatile board, this sutbby shortboard can be ultilised in a range of conditions and for a range of surfers. It maintains a relatively flat rocker for paddle ease and early entry and a fairly wide mid range for upping your wave count. This board will perform flawlessly in 1-6ft plus you may add a little Machado styling to your turns.

Size: 6'0 x 20 1/4 x 2 3/4 x 38.5L

FCS II fin plugs, fins not included.

Product Code: 25472
Price: £680.00

Product Information

Designed by pro surfer and ocean advocate Rob Machado, the Almond Butter has fun written all over it. Rob has always been known as one to carve his own path in the surf world which his designs express. The board is versatile enough to surf in small waves on up to over head hollow conditions. The classic short board design with Robs own special sauce makes this a fun board for any surfer. With a 5 fin setup the possibilities are endless. Consider the stubby shortboard vibe of years back and this might spring to mind. It features a wide mid point and fairly flat rocker for paddle power and early entry, but still keeping track of a tradtional shortboard with the template.

The board is built from Firewires Timbertek construction which is a EPS core, Paulownia wood and entropy bio epoxy resin; these are the most eco friendly boards on the planet and durable too! The Timbertek construction is a favourite with surfers wanting to minimise their footprint but still surf a durable epoxy surfboard. They are light and very agile in the water.

The Almond Butter features a 5 fin FCS II plug set up for maximum fin options. We would suggest surfing this board as a quad when the surf gets a little lacklustre to generate speed and drive but once the surf picks up you can benefit from a thruster ser up for stability and hold. The options are endless for this versatile surfboard!

We expect this board to be a mainstay in the water, Rob Machado's surfboard vision has always been an inspiring thing to see and his collaboration with Firewire is very exciting. He is one of the most stylish surfers in the water and has always pushed the boundries beyond most surfers reach. The Almond Butter is a true one board quiver, it's uncomplicated and effortlessly stylish, just like Rob!

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