Slater Designs - 5'9 FRK (Basalt / White)

An epic collab between Kelly and Dan Mann, the FRK is a light weight, approaching perfect (according to Kelly!) high performance short board featuring the all new Basalt fibre construction. With a smooth clean rocker and subtle bottom curve, the FRK generates awesome speed and with the foam distribution toward the centre of the board, the rails are refined - meaning the board delivers exceptional control. When choosing your size, go smaller than you usually would - the refined rails can make the board feel almost too light - its not - the foam in the centre of the board balances those rails out nicely, giving you masses of plaining speed and control, to get the most out of every wave.

5'9 x 18 3/8" x 2 3/8" 25.6 Litres
Product Code: 32645
Price: £680.00

Product Information

Whats is Basalt?

Designed specifically for surfboards, the copper-colored Basalt Fiber tape you see on each FRK is a more sustainable alternative to carbon fiber in surfboard production, laid on the bottom of each FRK to increase the strength of the LFT construction.

It also adds a dampening property to the board when dealing with chop on the water's surface. Basalt Fiber begins as basalt rock in a molten state and outperforms E-Glass in many ways, with innate properties more similar to the positive feel and increased durability of S-Glass.

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