Lost Surfboards - 5'8 Puddle Fish Surfboard (FCS II // SPEED CHANNELS // WS19)

5'8 x 21.25 x 2.53 - 34.5L - BRO DIMS

Brand new for 2017 from Lost Surfboards a fresh twist on the Puddle Jumper, here is the Puddle Fish. The Puddle Fish is the Puddle Jumper's speedier brother, with the channel running through the center of the tail to give you speed and control through the wave, the Puddle Fish is a win, win! The Puddle Fish is a perfect small wave performance board.
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Product Information


Five Fin Slots / FCS 2 / Fins Not Included

The Puddle Fish is an extreme little speed machine. A fast and fishy spin on the ever popular Puddle Jumper. Distinctly shaped with an inverted swallow, set inside a square tail, and a speed bleeding release channel exiting the tail. Designed for un-adulterated lateral speed in small surf, The Puddle Fish sprung fourth from an aextended flat speel this past summer, and the need for something fresh to inspire me to get out there regradless.

- Matt Biolos


Beginning with the Puddle Jumper, and retaining its performance defining rocker and spiral vee under the rear foot, I pushed the wide point slightly forward, widened and squared off the tail block and really pulled in/straightened out the hip area of the outline between the feet. These changes, combined with reducing the depth of the concave through the center of the board (which straightens and flattens the rail rocker under the front foot), all work together to build a more linear speed down the line, across flats and through slop. The inverted swallow and angular corners of the square tail reduces the surface area behind the rear foot, adding bite and control without sacrificing the extreme drive generated by the straight tail outline and rail rocker. The entire design is wrapped up with a speed bleeding “afterburner” release channel, which sits inside the double concave vee panels and is toed in slightly, to run parallel with the rear quad fin placement. The channel then exits at the apex of the inverted swallow. My goal was to design a board that matches the flat line speed of any alternative “fish” design, without the cumbersome, drifty feeling most of these boards possess, and allow full force, small wave, rail surfing with confidence. Also available as a custom without the release channel.

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