Slater Designs - 5'7 Tomo Omni (LFT/FCS 2)

The Omni by Tomo Surfboard and Slater Designs is the MPH model of the Slater/FW collaboration. It marries Kelly's performance rails with Daniel Tomo's MPH (Modern Planing Hull) for a smooth and loose performance. This board is perfect for conditions from 1-5ft, it maintains a good amount of volume in the sizes and would be suitable for a range of surfers looking to really inject some bang into their surfing. The Omni is a real game changer for Firewire, expect to see plenty of these in many lineups.

Construction: LFT (Linear Flex Technology - EPS Core / Entropy Epoxy resin)

Size: 5'7 x 19 5/8 x 2 1/2 30.8 Litres

FCS 2 fin boxes, 5 fin, fins not included.

Product Code: 25497
Price: £680.00

Product Information

Slater Designs is the Kelly Slater and Firewire Surfboards collaboration which is one of the most sought after ranges of surfboards we have ever seen. These collaborations bring together some of the surfing worlds most iconic figures including legendary shaper Greg Webber as well as Daniel Thomson, a long time Firewire collaborator.

Firewire Surfboard contructions are infamous now. Most that ride them return again and again, this is the best endorsement a surf brand can have. They have lead the way in introducing progressive technologies in construction as well as some of the most favoured shapes we have seen in an age.

Firewire Surfboards and Kelly Slater for Slater Designs is simply a match made in surfboard heaven and the range is available here at Secretspot. If you need any help or advice on buying a surfboard, we are here to help on 44 1723 867919 - we have a wealth of experience and are always happy to chat about the huge range of boards we sell.

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