Lost Surfboards - 5'11 Psycho Killer Carbon Wrap (FCS2)

The all around, every day, small to medium wave rip stick, based off the extremely popular Quiver Killer. It's designed with a slightly wider swallow tail to add more explosiveness in smaller and sub par surf. What better way to add explosiveness than high speed producing R4-Channels shooting out the tail!...and Psycho Killer in Carbon Wrap comes standard with them!

5FCS2 Plugs/fins not included
Dims:5'11 x 19.75 x 2.44 - 31.50l
Product Code: 29535
Price: £690.00

Product Information

The Psycho Killer is a psychotic spin off from the ever popular Quiver Killer. Featuring all the design aspects that made the Quiver Killer one of the most popular surfboards in the world for the last few years, it is easy to catch waves and create speed. It loves tubes, and flat faces, and is fully capable of performing full rail carves and nimble maneuvers when asked. This sort of wide ranging function is what makes the "Killer" Series a favorite for surfers from our top team to everyday Janes and Joes.


• Revamped outline, featuring a refined nose curve and double bump Swallow Tail, for more "Pop" in small surf, while retaining hold in solid waves.

• New "Hidden Volume", two stage deck line. Packs in the foam for paddling, drive and stability, but keeps the rails sensitive and agile for precise rail based surfing.

• Carbon Wrap construction comes standard with R-4 Channels out the tail.

CARBON WRAP TECHNOLOGY: Lightweight, without sacrificing strength. Increases drive and provides and unique and lightning fast re-flex effect, propelling your surfing into the #nextlevel of performance

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