Shortboards are designed for the surfer who is past the beginner and intermidiate stages of surfing.  Shortboards provide more speed when surfing and although popping up maybe more difficult on a Shortboard, but once you're up hitting turns on the critical part of the wave become eaiser and more precise.  Shortboards are the most popular type of board currently due to it being the type of board all the pro's ride.  Most Surfboard shapers now will shape the board with the pro, or with the pro in mind, or if you're Dane Reynolds even shape your own board.

Here at SecretSpot our selection of Shortboards is huge, choosing one can sometimes be quite the task depending on shape, tail shape and fin system.  If you are struggling to choose or just want a bit of advice, we are always here to help.  Just give us a call and we can guide you to the right board for you.

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