Second Hand / Used
    • Mick
    • Date Posted: 08/01/2017
      4th Burger Monster, 5'11". Small ding on the bottom, good condition, come with 5 future fins.

      Seller Name: Mick
      Price: £225
      Contact: 07951795878
    • Steven
    • Date Posted: 28/11/2016
      Sanata Cruz Tuff lite fish 6' 4" x 20" x 2.5". Comes with future fins, tail pad, board bag with broken zip and leash. Several small dings repaired to rail and bottom of board Small pressure dings to surface. Overall in good conditionPick up only - Middlesbrough, Saltburn & Gateshead

      Seller Name: Steven
      Price: £150
      Contact: 07768578178
    • Matty Donaldson
    • Date Posted: 22/10/2016
      This is a mayhem FireWire mini driver. It's 6'2 x 20.5 x 2 and something? 35 liters. £330 quid. its nearly new. Got a repaire ding. Fast as fuck. Slides all over. I hated it. I surf once every 6 weeks and I hate my life. Selling to make way for a more suitable craft for my limited shred time. Enjoy your youth... soon it will be gone. Along with the discs in your lower back. Sunderland area. FTM

      Seller Name: Matty Donaldson
      Price: £330
      Contact: 07450270626
    • Mike Sedgwick (sedge)
    • Date Posted: 07/10/2016
      Hi, Stewart Long board has now sold so please remove both ads as seems to be doubled up. Still missing image for 6'6" Greg Webber, I've re-attached. Please also change price to £300. Cheers.

      Seller Name: Mike Sedgwick (sedge)
      Price: £300
      Contact: Sedge
    • Phil Robinson
    • Date Posted: 21/09/2016
      Visionary retro fish in Matt black. Dimension 6'4 X 22'3/4 X 2'3/4. Volume=47.5 litres. Bought less than a year ago and only ridden a handful of times, it is in excellent condition and comes with leash. Rides well in all conditions.

      Seller Name: Phil Robinson
      Price: £250
      Contact: 07969 234618
    • Mike Hutchinson
    • Date Posted: 21/09/2016
      8ft custom performance minimal made by Nigel Semmens Excellent condition, no dings or marks and had very little use. This board was custom made for me as I wanted the stability of a larger board but with the manoeuvrability of a smaller board. It was shaped from a minimal by Nigel Semmens and glassed by Phil Northey. The sale includes the leash and bag. It is a great looking board and performs extremely well. I haven’t surfed for some time now hence the reluctant sale. Cash on collection please. Can meet half way for collection.

      Seller Name: Mike Hutchinson
      Price: £295
      Contact: 078 1869 1869
    • J.C
    • Date Posted: 24/08/2016
      Joel Tudor Diamond Tail Noserider (Tuflite) - 9'4" Longboard. Great overall condition. No structural damage ...though there is some cosmetic paint chips that you often get on Tuflites (see pics for details.) Comes with Joel Tudor carbon fin and a board bag. Blurb from Surftech... "The best of both traditional design and contemporary performance. Single fin with a straight vee bottom, rolled rails and slight concave through nose. No excuses, this rides with a classic log feel..." LENGTH: 9'4" NOSE: 18 1/2" MID: 23" TAIL: 15 3/4" THICK: 2 7/8" VOLUME: 66cc

      Seller Name: J.C
      Price: £395
      Contact: 07990 597511
    • Mike
    • Date Posted: 24/07/2016
      Quiver Q pro 9.0 Comp spec epoxy Longboard Excellent condition

      Seller Name: Mike
      Price: £400
      Contact: 07749 300446
    • Megan
    • Date Posted: 24/07/2016
      Excellent condition, 7 ft 2 mini mal surfboard. Perfect for beginners. Complete with leash, red carry bag, wax comb and new block of wax. Bought from Tiki Surf Shop in Braunton 11 months ago. Small ding caused in transit on top surface repaired professionally before I purchased by Tiki. Barely noticeable but I've included in the photo. Surfboard barely used and I would not be selling if I wasn't moving away inland. Barnstaple-based. Can deliver within Barnstaple or to Braunton area for a small fee. Available immediately.

      Seller Name: Megan
      Price: 220
      Contact: 07874160503
    • Sandra
    • Date Posted: 19/07/2016
      Channel Islands 6'10 Single Fin Pintail Surfboard Dimensions: 6'10 x 20 3/4 x 2 7/8 Only used about 3 times - great condition... Some light pressure dings on deck towards tail end - no pressures or dings on bottom/base. One small bash on rail (see photo with 1p coin for scale)- caused whilst in storage not in water. Comes with fin in picture. Local collection only - may be able to meet buyer as due to travel south shortly.

      Seller Name: Sandra
      Price: £295.00
    • Mike Reeve
    • Date Posted: 22/06/2016
      Fire Wire Greedy Beaver 6’ 10” Virtually brand new board. Surfed 3-4 times. Unfortunately, I have over- estimated my ability at my advanced years. Therefore this board is up for grabs. Comes with 3 fins. RRP £610. Yours for £460

      Seller Name: Mike Reeve
      Price: £460
      Contact: 07985430073
    • Phil Robinson
    • Date Posted: 20/06/2016
      Visionary Retro Fish in Matt Black. Dimension - 6'4 X 22'3/4 X 2'3/4 Volume = 47.5 litres Bought less than a year ago and only surfed a handful of times, it is in excellent condition and comes with leash. Rides well in all conditions.

      Seller Name: Phil Robinson
      Price: £300 Ono.
      Contact: 07969 234618
    • Dean
    • Date Posted: 20/06/2016
      6'3 Adams/lost rock up. 6'3x19 3/4x2 1/2 34l vol. had this shaped as a user friendly step up board for a trip that never happened. It has never even been waxed. Absolutely brand new condition. Comes with tail pad, leash,bag and pc7 fins.

      Seller Name: Dean
      Price: £350
    • robert wells
    • Date Posted: 21/05/2016
      ND 9 1" x 23 x 3 1/8 longboard. Leash loop, staged rocker for nose riding.Used twice, not the board for me, need something less traditional. In perfect condition

      Seller Name: robert wells
      Price: £500
      Contact: 07952 912835
    • gav
    • Date Posted: 18/05/2016
      Visionary hornet custom built ..7'6 x 23 1/8 x 3 1/8 63 litres volume ..flat rocker ..teardrop nose concave ..very versatile board for the summer ...6 months old very little use.. includes fins

      Seller Name: gav
      Price: £300 ono
      Contact: 07715485529
    • Craig
    • Date Posted: 16/04/2016
      FireWire Dominator in really good condition with Channel Islands tail pad. Dimensions 6'6 x 21 1/4 x 2 7/8 45L. No dings/ repairs. Goes well in all conditions. In the Scarborough/ York area so could meet up locally if you want to have a look. Fins not included.

      Seller Name: Craig
      Price: £350ono
      Contact: 07906395545
    • Pete V
    • Date Posted: 16/03/2016
      Custom FishFeet + fins + board bag The dimensions are 6'4 X 21" X 2 7/8" 42L Is a chop tail surfboard with dims similar to the Channel Islands Neckbeard, but with a straighter middle to keep the rails more parallel to maintain down the line speed as well as keep the volume which is roughly 42litres of displacement. It has carbon stomp strips and Gorrilla phat 2 tail pad. It has 5 futures fun boxes and I will also include the Futures 5 fin setup. Comes with 6'7 Tattysack padded board sock bag. Also. Who wouldn't want a board with a Bill Murray logo?

      Seller Name: Pete V
      Price: £230 ono
      Contact: 07587706328
    • T HALL
    • Date Posted: 23/02/2016
      TOKORO F16 5'10 x 19.5 x 2 3/8 Very good condition [ a few pressure dings, nothing major] Tynemouth

      Seller Name: T HALL
      Price: £ 200
    • Ian
    • Date Posted: 26/01/2016
      Xcel 6mm/5mm Infiniti X2 2015/16 wetsuit - LT (Large tall) Bought this suit but it's just a little bit too long for me so I have decided to cut my losses early and sell to get another one in a Large. The suit is extremely warm and comfortable and pretty easy to get on and off for a 6mm suit. The chin protector is great in heavier conditions or if a strong wind starts kicking up. I surf along the E.Coast and into the North East and this thing was way warmer than the 5mm I was using last season. Just a shame the darn thing doesn't fit me! I have literally worn this twice so it is really as new. No tears, holes, damage or anything like that, it was rinsed after both uses and has been dried folded over a hanger, not hanging by the shoulders so there won't be any stretch. I paid £330 for it a month or so ago but have only surfed it twice as I'm still recovering from a broken ankle and it hasn't been cold enough to use yet really, it's only now winter is really starting to bite! Ideally looking to swap for a large, if you want to do that please get in touch. Otherwise price is as displayed

      Seller Name: Ian
      Price: £210
      Contact: 07547779008
    • gav
    • Date Posted: 26/01/2016
      Empire mode 9'8 x 23 3/4 x 3 1/4 lovely well made solid board about 2 yr old £

      Seller Name: gav
      Price: £450
      Contact: 07715485529
    • Jamie
    • Date Posted: 26/01/2016
      Beach Beat Mini Mal 7'6" x 21 1/12". FCS Fins and leash included. Great stability and easy to paddle, has served me well. Has a few dings but nothing serious (nose, rail, and tail) so have knocked price down a bit.

      Seller Name: Jamie
      Price: £190
      Contact: 07530368422
    • Andy
    • Date Posted: 05/01/2016
      DONALD TAKAYAMA SCORPION 6'8 X 21 3/4 X 2 3/4 (mini noserider) Bought it off of here a couple months back, never really had a board like this and it wasn't for me, got it for 350 looking for 300, it's surf tec design meaning the foam won't flood and hold water if you ding it! Great little board just wasn't for me! I'll throw in a bag, fins and a leash, it's in almost perfect condition can come waxed or clean as well!

      Seller Name: Andy
      Price: 300
      Contact: ?+44 7763 728793?
    • Jonny Eldridge
    • Date Posted: 04/01/2016
      Circle One Bamboo 9'6'' Custom Nose Rider. 23'' Wide, 2 2/4'' Thick. 2 Side Fins, 8'' Centre Fin.

      Seller Name: Jonny Eldridge
      Price: £380
    • Dean
    • Date Posted: 06/12/2015
      6'4 firewire/lost mini driver in excellent condition. Professional repair to fin box other than that it's mint. Comes with fcs quad and thruster fins tail pad and board sock.

      Seller Name: Dean
      Price: £340
    • Dean
    • Date Posted: 30/11/2015
      6'0 firewire spitfire In limited edition colours. Very good condition. One tiny repair. 35l volume so loads of float comes with tail pad, quad and tri fcs fins. Any questions or more photos please ask.

      Seller Name: Dean
      Price: £290
    • gav
    • Date Posted: 26/11/2015
      Empire mode longboard 9'8 x 23/34x3/14 single fin .. slightly pig ish shape giving a spritely light ride.. turns easy .lovely board blue resin with white stripe ...glassed to last... check empires website for the blurb

      Seller Name: gav
      Price: £450
      Contact: 07715485529
    • dave
    • Date Posted: 21/11/2015
      for sale 8ft mini mal like new condition bulldog leash grab a bargain

      Seller Name: dave
      Price: £290
      Contact: 07723955893
    • jerry
    • Date Posted: 02/11/2015
      lost sub scorcher two. 6.1,20,2.56,34cl vol. This is a U.S board bought from factory , glass job far superior to European boards . Quad or triple future boxes. fins not included. no dings few pressure marks on deck.

      Seller Name: jerry
      Price: £280
      Contact: 07967149216
    • Dave Collinson
    • Date Posted: 30/10/2015
      Lost Sub Driver Height 6' 4" Volume 38.6 Surfed about 10 times. Flies like the wind. Some crazing on tail, see pics. Still watertight, however this could do with sorting. Fins, leash, bag, tailpad included. Selling as I have other more floaty boards in this range, and I need the money to buy chocolate. Pickup in York or will consider a meet at East Coast, Scarbs & area. Here's Mick on his: If you buy this board you will be more like Mick. £275

      Seller Name: Dave Collinson
      Price: 275
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