Firewire Surfboards - 7'2 Vacay (LFT)

The mid-length Vacay is a super fun, super easy to surf wave magnet. It is the ultimate wave machine designed for beginners to advanced alike who want to maximise their fun in the surf. It's got a little rocker toward the nose to help on suckier waves and the single concave through the middle provides some looseness. A great board for all surfers.

Dimensions: 7' 2" / 21 1/2" / 2 5/8" / 50L

Product Code: 29474
Price: £780.00

Product Information


A fantastic entry level mini-mal with seamless ‘learn to surf’ capability and great crossover potential for the competent surfer seeking retro glide and maneuverability.

The Vacay gives leisurely cruise across flat sections with stability, but it also works in the pocket, especially for surfers with a wide stance and even pressure between front and back foot.

This model is an extension of the Greedy Beaver but it most noticeably differs through the back half of The Vacay’s outline.

The Vacay draws back to a squash tail where the Greedy Beaver would instead come to a rounded pin, and that gives the Vacay more lift and more of a ‘shortboard’ feel while surfing.

Additionally, this shape has a single concave that splits to a double concave towards the tail, which adds a looser feeling beneath your back foot and an ability to pump the board a bit more than the Greedy Beaver. This also allows the Vacay to slide onto a rail more easily, allowing carves not usually possible on a ‘fun board’ type shape with a squash tail.

The Vacay is our favorite mid-length in 2018, and like any good vacation, it gives you the freedom to do what you want whether a quick trip to Santa Cruz or an hour on the Gold Coast.

- 5 fin boxes/FCS 2/Fins not included


(Linear Flex Technology) White Deckskin - LFT incorporates Firewire’s SPRINGER HD, a 0.75" (18 mm) wide aerospace composite that runs down the centerline of the board, representing the next generation in our SPRINGER technology. The SPRINGER HD runs the entire length of the board and plays a pivotal role in optimizing flex from nose to tail.

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