Pyzel - 6'2 Gremlin (Fluro Yellow with Black rails)

The Gremlin is a groveller in the purest form. It's short, it's fat and it's ready to roll in smaller surf! A member of the Ghost family, the Gremlin packs a load of volume but react quick and maintains speed like a rocket. If you are looking to up your wave count then get on this!

6'2" | 20 7/8" | 2 11/16" | 38.70L
Product Code: 32538
Price: £589.00

Product Information

The Gremlin was made to get you excited about surfing on the days that are less-than-epic, and also to give you a taste of FunFormance that will get you fired up in any kind of surf.

The wider outline is complimented by a low entry rocker for easy speed and glide through the weakest, slowest sections, but we keep a bit of curve through the tail rocker to add performance and maneuverability.

The bottom runs from single to double concave, with a nice bit of Vee running of the tail.

This all adds up to a board that paddles easy, gets up and goes fast, and still has a snappy, drivey, high-performance feel to get you the most out of every Wave you catch.

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