Torq Surfboards - 9'0 Longboard Fade (White/Blue And Blue Fade)

Torq Surfboards are an incredible piece of construction for such a great price. These EPS foam core and Epoxy finished surfboards are perfect for beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers alike with guaranteed fun and maximum wave count as standard. Torq Surfboards are durable, light and very versatile so if you are looking to up your game, look no further.
Product Code: 26669
Price: £499.00

Product Information

From gliding and tip riding, to surfing in powerful conditions, the requirement for a modern longboard is versatility. Our design delivers, covering all terrain. From young to old, new school through traditional styles, first wave rides to decades of experience.

With low entry rocker and full outline you’ll find a board that glides in the small stuff and can be ridden from the front. Progressive surfers will find a quick midsection, slightly pulled tail, with enough release to keep the board fast and loose. 2+1 fin set up.

-Length: 9’0”

-Width: 22 3/4”

-Thickness: 3 1/8”

-Volume: 72.0 L

-3 Fins supplied – Futures SB1 Side Bites + 8’’ center Fin

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