Lib Tech Surfboards - 5'3 Lib x Lost Puddle Jumper (White // WS19)

5'3 / 20.00 / 2.32 / 28.0L

The Lib Tech Surfboards are the talk of the town and there is good reason for that. Not only are the Lib Tech Surfboards the strongest and possibly the most eco friendly board on the market today, they are probably the most fun. What better way to get Lib Tech Surfboards rolling but this amazing collab with Lost Surfboards and their ever popular Puddle Jumper Surfboard. The Puddle Jumper surf board features a concave bottom that transitions to vee in the tail. The wide outline of the board makes for easy wave catching and down the line glide and stability. The concave bottom of the board adds lift and increased rail curve, which allows radical top to bottom surfing. The straight rail line & vee in the tail keep the board moving forward and hold in during hard carving maneuvers. It does all this while packing all the amazing technology from Lib-Tech. Lib Tech's Eco Iso Tropic construction, means you're riding the most healthiest and the most fun surfboard on the planet today! If you don't believe us then take it straight from Matt Biolos, "This is the most excited I have ever been about a small wave surfboard!"
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Product Information

Lib Tech Surfboards have changed the game in what we know and how we make surfboards. Lib Tech have managed to create surfboards that are eco concious, ridiculously strong and durable, and the main thing, fun. Lib Tech use 31 different pieces to construct their surfboards that are completely new to the surfing industry. Their 30 years of experience crafting and riding high performance enviromentally friendly surfboards has gone into their unique process, right down to the materials and the shapes. Lib Tech's Eco Isotropic Construction on their surfboards is really what sets them apart from the rest. Their closed cell foam that are used on the boards won't absorb water nor will it rot the board.
This Closed Cell foam thats used on the Lib Tech Boards makes them near indestructible, that can survive any ding, even being run over by a car! Not only that but you can wave bye bye to any ding, so stamp that board as much as you want, it will still remain water tight!
The eco contruction of the boards makes them more durable and land last longer, which in turn means less surfboards in landfills for a better planet earth. The scraps from their blanks are all recycled, no solvents, no paint brushes, no sandpaper, no tape.
Lib Tech's dampening tech is to make the board feel more "real", less hollow. This dampening also gives you more control in turns, giving you better performance on the wave unlike other indestructible boards on the market.
Not only have Lib Tech crammed all this amazingness into their boards but they've also made their own fin boxes too, which are the strongest on the market today! The F.O.C fin Boxes (Freedom Of Choice) give you the freedom to play around with fin position. The F.O.C have about a centimetere of which you can change your fin placement forwards and back. The F.O.C fin boxes are compatible with FCS 1 dual tab style fins.
Lib Tech have made the strongest, greenest, healthiest and possibly the most fun surfboard to date. Each of Lib Tech's surfboards are handcrafted in the USA with a focus on performance and enviromentally friendly manufacturing and materials. Only the steel fin screws remain the same in their boards. Lib Tech have raised the bar and made surfing fun and healthy. The Lib Tech x Lost surfboards puddle jumper echoes just that.


- Nitrogencell Foam: Max Strength and Pop, Strong, Nitrogen filled engineered elongated cells structure, Completely Waterproof, closed cell, does not absorb water, Recycled, 25-40% recycled content, 100% of off cuts recycled.

- Hexzylon Fiber Foam Skin: Strong and Smooth, Smooth riding vibration absorption layer, Impact and ding resistant

- Woven Basalt Fiber: Smooth and Strong, Pure addivtive-free mineral fiber, Inherent dampening properites, Break and Impact resistant, Resits heel dents!

- Bio-Matrix Resin: Low VOC glycerin based chemistry, best qualities of polyester, longer lifespan than epoxy

- F.O.C Fin System: 5/8" Performance tuning adjustability, Lightest, toughest box on the market today, fits many 2-tab and some solid based fins. Please note: fins are not included.

- Elasto Permimeter Dampening Fiber: Flex Control, Precision, Pop

- Sprock Blocks - Strong, Long Lasting Performance, Pop

- Lib Tech Leash Plug - 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum Pins. Lightweight fiber composite cup

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