Cortez Surfboards - 6'0 Fish Package (CTEZ-157)

Cortez Surfboards are made from super strong and super light EPS with epoxy glass. These robust surfboards are perfect for anyone wanting to progress in the water, keep wave count to a maximum and surf in a range of conditions. This package comes with a quality boardbag, leash, fins and wax to get you out in the water without any hold ups!
Product Code: 30428
Price: £369.00

Product Information


- Comes with 5mm padded boardbag, leash, fins and a bar of wax - all ready to go!

- Construction: Epoxy glass/EPS core

- Length: 6'0"

- Width: 20 1/4"

- Thickness: 2 3/8"

- Volume: 30ltr

- Fins: FCS Tri Fin set up / Tri Fin Set included

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