Firewire Surfboards - 5'9 Seaside FCS2 (Helium // FCS2)

The Seaside from Machado & Firewire is a refined, performance quad, that has its roots in the Go Fish. With less area in the tail [than the go fish] a narrower swallow and nose - the seaside is all about ripping, whilst keeping the true to vibe of the Go Fish and Rob's ethos of fast, loose fun. Built for 4 fins, the concave and countours are all redisgend with a quad setup in mind

Dimensions: 5' 9" x 22 1/4" x 2 5/8" - 37.3L
Fins: FCS 2 // Fins not included
Construction: Helium
Product Code: 31764
Price: £679.99

Product Information

Hey Rob - whats the Seaside?

"Just evolving the Go Fish to something new, really. The Go Fish goes fast and feels skatey and loose and I love it, and riding it for a couple years made me want to feel more high performance - more carves, tighter turns. So the Seaside is about refining… less area in the tail, narrowing the tips of the swallow, creating more curve and narrowing the nose. All elements for ripping while the Go Fish stays cruisey and fun"

And the seaside is quad only - why?

I decided that if i was going to make a quad I would make a quad that's strictly a quad ... Design the concaves and bottom contours around that. I actually redesigned my entire concave setup that I've been using on the Moonbeam and Go Fish, and did it with the quad setup in mind so that it all works together.

"Why is the Seaside built in Helium? The first one I made for Tahiti was LFT and I was riding it in 6 foot tubes. But most everyone surfs a shape like the Seaside at beach breaks and little point breaks, so we made it in Helium because it's really light, very responsive, really flexy with a softer feel and very durable. It's the best option for a shape like the Seaside in smaller, weaker waves, I think..."

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