Softech - 5'8 Kyuss Fish (White)

The Kyuss Fish has got bigger and is now available in 5'8 - packing a solid 46 Litres of volume. This generously volumed fish with handshaped rails will get you from A to B in a hurry. The double sided slick is super quick and the swallow tail will provide swooping turns throughout your ride.

Dims: 5'8"/46L
Product Code: 32047
Price: £270.00

Product Information

Size: 5'8"
Shape: Fish
Core: 100% Waterproof X-Density EPS Foam Core
Stringer: Single stringer
Fin Setup: Tri (x3 FCS Fin Setup)
Fin System: FCS II
Volume: 46L

+ Leash Plug installed
+ FCS Fins included

Swap out for your favourite fins from the FCS II fin range.
Screw in your favourite FCS fins for additional drive and response.
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