Nice Rack - Nice Rack Wall Surfboard Rack (Quad)

Nice Rack Wall Rack - Quad - for Surfboards and more: The only expandable SURF, SNOW, WAKE, KITE board etc home storage rack on the market!

Product Code: 13213
Price: £99.99

Product Information

NICE RACK's patented two-piece design & modular linking system makes installation a 'snap' and expansion possibilities endless.

Nice Rack wall racks are made from high quality ABS Plastics and their original two-piece design enables the wall mount to be securely fastened to the wall with direct access to the mounting screws. The rack support arm uses a structural ribbed and tapered design to maximize strength and stiffness and its connection system makes installation a "snap". Protective foam adhesive tape covers both the wall mount and supporting arm to protect your surf, snow, wake, or kite board from scratches and dings.

Adding additional surfboard racks is made easy by simply linking additional wall mounts to the already installed system, leaving the number of surf racks that can be installed limited only by the height of the wall. Top and bottom wall mount end caps complete the installation and give the Nice Rack a finished look. Nice Rack can be used as a snowboard, wakeboard, or kite board storage rack too.

- Perfect for displaying and protecting surfboards, snowboards, wakeboards, and kite boards

- Use anywhere: home, garage, bedroom, board shops, shaping rooms, merchandising displays, etc

- Expandable surf rack system: easily add extra board racks to your existing Nice Rack in a 'snap'

- Made with 100% recycled plastic

- Weight limit of rack: each set of Nice Racks are intended for single boards of length 9'0 and under. Not recommended for boards weighing more than 11Kg (25lbs)

- Weight of wall rack: each rack weighs 0.6kg

- Dimensions of wall rack when fitted to wall: each wall rack arm is 16" (40.6cm) long and angles up at 22% and each wall mount is 8" (20.3cm) long. You'll need a minimum of 8 to 10 inches (20.3cm - 25.4cm) above the top set of racks to allow enough space to place a board on the top rack

Customer Reviews
  • Very compact en practical surfboard rack. Comes in separate units so you can decide whether you install the rack for 1, 2, 3 or 4 surfboard.
    17/Sep/2013 | Ronald van Beek
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