Northcore - Moto Rack Moped Surfboard Carry Rack (Black)

The Northcore MOTO Rack is a great, safe way to transport your surfboard on your moped. This incredibly functional product is strong and sturdy for boards up to 8'0. The padded tubes ensure your board is safe from dings and the ultra secure fittings allow your board to sit away from the ped without swinging or catching. Surfing on a moped is now simple! No more potentially dangerous board-under-arm rides down to the break.

Product Code: 21752
Price: £110.00

Product Information

Northcore make surf accessories for the serious surfer. Their dedication to providing high quality equipment to surfers in unparalleled and the roster of their team shows that. You can expect innovation and design at the forefront of every product as well as extensive testing in the most demanding of conditions to make sure product is of the highest standard.


- Universal fit for most mopeds and motorbikes with a rear carry rack attached

- Quick and easy to assemble

- Strong durable, practical design which won't damage your board

- The rack is a super simple design made from lightweight alloys, with a steel mount and high quality EVA foam to protect the board.

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