Tail Pads

Here at SecretSpot we have a huge range of Tail Pads in One Piece and Multi Piece constructions and desgins.  Tail Pads have become a vital part of surfing, and now as the surfing style has evolved into a more speedy agressive style Tail Pads have given surfers the ability to get even more speed out of a wave.  How Tail Pads do this is by offering more grip than you would with wax, this then in turn allows more control when performing cut backs, aerials and tail slides.

Here at SecretSpot our range of Tail Pads come in a wide range of designs and construction so you can choose the perfect deck grip to suit you.  Tail Pads are a long lasting accessory that can sometimes even out live your board.  If you need any advice on choosing a Tail Pad don't hesitate to give us a shout, we are happy to help.


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