Ding All - Ultra Clear Surboard Repair Kit (PU Super/Red)

Fibre glass ding repair kit with resin, hardner, sun cure, Q-cell and instructions. This is one of our best repair kits with a full mixing kit for polyester boards and includes a 1oz tube of sun cure UV hardening clear resin for those small quick repairs. There's also some clear plastic sheets included which can be taped in place over a wet rail ding allowing a perfect finish with no sanding required. For larger dings fin replacement etc...there is ample cloth and resin, graded sandpaper and a bag of white additive to turn the clear resin white for a perfect pure white repair.

Product Code: 7334
Price: £20.00

Product Information


- Resin and Hardener

- Fiberglass cloth

- 2 Grade sanding sponge

- Quick instructions

- Mixing sticks and cup

- Cover sheets

- Q-Cell filler

- FREE Sun Cure mini

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