Ding All - Ultra Clear Surboard Repair Kit (PU Standard/Blue)

Fibre glass ding repair kit with resin, cloth mixing sticks, hardner and full instructions. Perfect for any ployester repair with measured mixing pot

Product Code: 1070
Price: £14.00

Product Information


- Polyester resin

- Hardener

- Fiberglass cloth

- 2 Grade sanding sponge

- Quick instructions

- Mixing sticks and cup

- Cover sheets

Customer Reviews
  • Excellent material for repairing a classic clear longboard, resin a fairly colourless type without the blue tinge you often get.
    22/Sep/2011 | Campbell Cowan
  • Good kit with all the necessary to do quite a large repair
    22/Dec/2011 | David Church, UK
  • Sound.
    24/Jul/2012 | Peter Gill,Sheffield,UK
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