Solarez - Pro Surfboard Repair Travel Kit

Solarez have been making board repair kits since the early 80's. So they know a thing or two about surfboard repair. The Pro Travel Kit is great for when you're on the go and you get one of those unexpected dings. Solarez have got you covered, plus it comes in this great crush proof case so you can just whack it your board bag!

Product Code: 13479
Price: £36.95

Product Information

SOLAREZ repair putty is a mixture of high-strength, fiber reinforced resin and an amazing solar activated catalyst. There is no mixing required, just use it straight from the tube.


- 4oz "dual-cure" laminating resin

- 2oz tube Solarez fiberfil putty

- 2 oz tube microlite putty

- 5" x 5" sandpaper in 60, 150 and 320 grits

- 1 oz bottle of acetone

- 200 square inches of 4oz S-glass

- 38" fiberglass rope

- Spreader, masking tape, catalyst, mixing cup, stirring sticks, clean up pads

- Razor blade, high-quality stainless steel scissors

- Crush-proof travel box

Customer Reviews
  • Very big,good travel kit everything there.
    10/Jan/2012 | Ulrik Carlsson,Finland