Solarez - Fiberfill UV-Cure Polyester Resin (2oz)

Solarez repair putty is a mixture of clear, non-yellowing, high strength, fiber reinforced polyester resin and an amazing solar activated catalyst. NO mixing required, just use it right from the tube. Gels in 30 seconds and cures in 3 minuets when exposed to sunlight.

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Product Information

Surfboard repair fiberfil. Comes with 60/240 grit sand pad. A thin-paste mixture of clear, polyester resin and chop-strand glass fibers. Cures either by UV light in approx 3 minutes or by MEKP catalyst in 30 minutes. Sufficient for about twenty 1” round dings to the outer fiberglass shell.


- It contains a Variety of fibers: Glass, ceramic abd mica provide strength, adhesion and toughness.

- It's a Bubble free mixture: Bubbles are fractures waiting to happen...solarez has no bubbles!

- It resists yellowing, crazing, chalkiness and other untoward effects of weathering!


- 2oz container

- Hardens in 3 minutes

- Polyester resin

- Ultra-violet cure

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