- Azul 8.0 (Black)

The Azul is a template that has a little more area and rake than the RFC Rake. It's fin that's been made perfect for modern single fin surfboards, or can even be used on a performance Tri-Fin.

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Price: £62.99

Product Information

Rainbow Fin Co. started in 1968 when a group of young surfers in Santa Cruz started amking fins to fill their needs and the surfing community. Today RFC do just that, they make fins that benefit the surfer whatever they are riding. RFC is a Family owned business that doesn't believe in making things because of hype, it's for surfers by surfers. All their Fins are R&D tested daily on the shores of Santa Cruz, by themselves and team riders. RFC is A Proper Fin Company.


- Single Fin.

- 8.0

- Fin Screw Included

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