Future Fins - SB3 Side Bites (White/Medium)

The SB1 sidebite will add stability to your longboard, improving hold along the face of the wave. Available as a pair, these fins are made of durable, yet flexible ThermoTech, that delivers a consistent flex, that creates drive and release through turns and offer great value for money!
Product Code: 32437
Price: £20.00

Product Information

Futures Fins are one of the "top 2" surfboard fins systems. They are constantly pushing fin technology to new levels with revolutionary thinking. Deep in surfing roots, Future Fins whole staff live and breath this science and their unmatched will to experiment have lead to to becoming the cool underground fin system it is today. Branding doesn't matter if the product you're selling doesn't work, luckily for Future Fins the product they live and breath is one that works and it revered the world over.

Their constructions and technolgies are somewhat of folklore now. From the Vector foils, Future foils, Future Flex to the Scimitar Foil it's all based around the science of Aeronautics and Hydro-Kenetics. Sounds exciting right? Well, it is! It's what's makes your fin work in the type of conditions you choose to ride it in. So wether you're in the market for some Black Tips, a soft flex, medium flex, small fin of large fin: Future Fins will become your new surfboard fin of choice.

Rear Fins:

Area 7.79
Height 3.20
Base 3.18

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