FCS - Tab Infill Kit (N/A/FCS2)

This Infill Kit will allow your new FCS 2 surfboard to take the old FCS fin option. These are great if you have an old fin which you love but won't fit into your new FCS 2 board, grab a set of these and relive the good old days!

Product Code: 20805
Price: £7.99

Product Information

The new FCS 2 system is a revolutionary new system which allows you to easily and securely change your fins without need of a key or screws. The FCS 2 system is being rolled out across hundreds of boards in the coming months and evenually will be the standard system in every board. What makes the new system so awesome is The Mechanism, a corrosion resistant titanium rod which keeps the fin securely in place and locked. You can easily change you fins using downward and literal force but the fin will not remove itself in the surf, this has been tested by Fanning, Medina, Andino and the rest so if they can't get the fin to pop in the water, no one can.


- Compatible with the new FCS 2 fin system

- Screws into board for use with old FCS fin system

- Included: 5 x FCS 2 adapters, 10 grub screws and a fin key

- Will fit any new FCS 2 fin system

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