FCS - PC-5 Tri Set // Medium (Yellow Black | FCS 1)

The FCS PC-5 Performance Core, original twin tab Thruster fin set looks awesome and is really well priced. These fins are a great all round template suited to all types of surfboard and a wide range of conditions.

They are lightweight, with a responsive tip for performance surfing. plenty of drive is paired with manoeuvrability making the PC-5 a great go-to fin for all surfers.
Product Code: 30951
Price: £49.95

Product Information

FCS is the most successful and widely used surfboard fin system in the world. FCS produce premium surfboard fins and surf accessories. It is a favourite system for some of the world's greatest surfers including Kelly Slater and Taj Burrow. Their collabarators include world class shapers Simon Anderson, Al Merrick and Mark Richards. Their resume is unmatched in surfing and their products reflect that.

Size - Medium (Approximate rider weight 65kg-80kg)
Construction - Performance Core
Base - 111mm
Depth - 115mm
Area - 9525mm sq
Sweep - 33 degrees
Colour - Ice Yellow

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