FCS - Machado PG Quad Fins (FCS2 // Black)

New for 2019 at secretspot is the Rob Machado Quad. The template was designed by Rob to compliment the awesome (and also available from us!) Seaside, with small wave performance surfing in mind.

The set features an upright, pivot-style template, allowing the fins to have a very tight turning radius. Riders will notice quick response from the fins, and the perfect combination of speed and control. This fin suits a wide range of conditions from beach breaks to point breaks, Ideally suited to smaller, weaker waves.

Product Code: 31842
Price: £129.99

Product Information

The Seaside Quad is Rob Machado's first signature FCS II fin template, designed specifically for the Firewire Seaside (also available from us!) This semi-keel + stabiliser offers the flow of a traditional twin fish with the control of a performance quad setup.


Side Fins:

Area 21.2
Height 4.85
Base 5.7

Rear Fins:

Area 10.16
Height 3.11
Base 4.15

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