FCS - Eurofins Tri Fin Set (Blue/FCS Compatible)

Looking for a spare set of fins? Or want the same FCS quality but at a far lower price? Look no furtherthan the Eurofins. These templates are similar to an M5, Medium shape and are compatible with any FCS surfboard. Great as a spare set, or as your main fin, give Eurofins a try.

Product Code: 31492
Price: £19.99

Product Information

FCS Compatible Eurofinssurfboard fins: Eurofin Nylon Polyamide fins produce a cost conscious line of FCS compatible surfboard fins and fin accessories designed for a variety of wave conditions. They are tough, have just the right amount of flex are well made and are great as a spare set or a replacement fin.


- Size: very similar to FCS M5 template)

- Thruster set (3 fins)

- Strong Polycarb construction

- Fully FCS Compatible

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