Surfboard Fins

Fins really do make a difference to altering how a board surfs and feels, by experimenting with different Fin's and finding the right setup to suit  your height, weight, board, surfing style and conditions you really can make the most of what you ride.  Surfboard Fins are also another element of surfing that have evoled throughout the years.  Before the technologic advancements in plastics surfboard Fins were glassed to the board.  Although this benefitted in moving in a straight line, turns and cut backs proved more difficult.

Since then Surfboard Fins now come in a wide range of set ups that can suit your style, ability and technique.  Here at SecretSpot we cater for everyone, weather you're a beginner, intermidiate or an advanced surfer we have a huge range of Fins to suit your needs.  Buying fins isn't always the easiest process.  If you are struggling and need some help, don't hesitate to get in touch and we can help you find the right fin for you.


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