Sticky Bumps - Day Glo Cold/Cool Wax (Red)

Sticky Bumps! This non-toxic, biodegradable surf wax is made from completely natural stuff and is super sticky! Perfect for any type of surfboard and condition. This wax is a world leader in the technology of surfboard traction. Get your stick waxed up right with the 100% natural formula of Sticky Bumps.

Get some colour on your board with the new Day-Glo Wax, light up the surf!

Product Code: 22257
Price: £2.99

Product Information

Sticky Bumps! For exceptional surfboard traction without the harmful toxins. Use Sticky Bumps with any surfboard for non slip positioning and the best in smell! Organic formula surfboard wax which is 100% natural, surf at one with the ocean knowing you're doing no harm to the world. Stumpy Bumps are the world leaders in wax research, available now from Secretspot...


- Cold/Cool water wax

- 100% Natural, organic formula.

- High performance surf wax.

- Non-toxic (fish friendly!)

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