Northcore - Bamboo Wax Comb (Brown)

This 100% natural bamboo comb is an environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic comb widely available. If you're looking to lesser your footprint and still have a functional comb for your board, grab one of these!

Product Code: 21469
Price: £2.99

Product Information

Northcore make surf accessories for the serious surfer. Their dedication to providing high quality equipment to surfers in unparalleled and the roster of their team shows that. You can expect innovation and design at the forefront of every product as well as extensive testing in the most demanding of conditions to make sure product is of the highest standard.


- Environmentally friendly, completely biodegradable!

- Bevelled edge designed to remove wax efficiently

- 100% natural materials

Customer Reviews
  • This is a fab little wax comb, best ive come across.
    06/Feb/2015 | Sharon Link, York, UK
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