Surf Wax

Here at Secret Spot we stick to only the very best surf wax products to give you the best traction possibe wherever you choose to ride. Match the right compound to the water temperature your surfing in and you should'nt come unstuck, wether it's Tropical Water Wax or the baltic North Sea.

For those of you willing to pay that little extra and heed the written warning Mr Zogs have produced the stickiest wax ever with their new Sex Wax Dream Cream, it's got all the pro's talking and is obscenely sticky. For those of you more worried about saving the planet than landing the latest areial trickery check out the 100% natural, non toxic and biodegradable Matunas Wax or even the equally Eco friendly Terra wax which even has plant based paper packaging and uses recycled non toxic plastics in their wax combs...Nice.


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