Ocean and Earth - 8ft Premium Leash (Blue)

The very clever R&D guys at Ocean and Earth have produced this one-piece surf leash. OAE say this is the strongest leash on the market today, and we have to believe them. Solid build, piece of mind.

Product Code: 15931
Sale Price: £21.95
RRP: £29.95

Product Information

Ocean and Earth leashes are famed as the world's strongest leashes, for good reason too! The 'One' technology means building a one piece leash for peace of mind. Ocean and Earth have been hooking up the worlds best surfers with the safest products on the market.


- Length: 8ft

- Coard Dia: 9/32" (7mm)

- Horn Type: ONE Piece Leash Technology

- Swivel: Double

- Strap: 50mm Padded

- Railsaver: Detachable

Warranty: 12 Months

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