Ocean and Earth - 6ft Premium One XT Leash (Blue)

The 6ft Premium One XT Leash from Ocean and Earth is the world's strongest leash and here's why: the innovating one piece moulded cord eliminates the need for end joints, meaning no weak points. End joints being the weakest points in today's leashes. The 6ft Premium One Xt Leash also features new fromula contolled stretch urethane for quality, strength and stretch. The Premium One XT Leash is THE surfing leash to own!
Product Code: 28039
Price: £32.00

Product Information

Ocean and Earth one of the world's premier surf accessories manufactor with over 20 years in the business and counting. Their unmatched dedication to technology and materials is manifested in their products from the boardbags to leashes and tailpads. Here at Secretspot, we pride ourselves on stocking only the finest products the surf world can offer and Ocean and Earth truly fit the bill. Whatever you are looking for, Ocean and Earth will not only make it, but exceed your expectation of quality and function.


- Length: 6ft Premium One XT Leash

- One Piece System

- 7mm Cord Diameter

- Dual Anchor and Stainless Marine Grade Steel Free Spin Swivels for Tangle Free Surfing

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