Mr. Zogs - Sex Wax Air Freshener (Coconut // X181)

Can't stop smelling the sex wax? Now have the Air Freshener for your car, home, or wherever you please.

Product Code: 14857
Price: £2.95

Product Information

In the early 1970's, Zog was shaping boards and running a small surf shop in Goleta, California. As fate would have, a chemist named Nate Skinner worked in a building next to Zog's shop. Zog and Nate got to talking and decided that with Nate's scientific training and Zog's surfing background, they were the perfect pair to develop a unique, high-performance surfboard wax.


- Long lasting

- 4 flavours: Coconut/Grape/Pineapple/Strawberry

- Smell great!

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