Keypod Security - Keypod 5GS (Black // X18)

Maintaining the fundamental concept of secure key storage, the brand new 5th Generation KEYPOD is now available in the ā€œSā€ model. Launched in 2016 the new design features a thicker alloy body, a lid with additional strengthening struts to prevent any flex, the lid pivots from the base and has a stronger fastening mechanism, dual lid locking, a heavy duty internal spring to increase product life, an integrated shackle combination setting plus a 10mm steel shackle. The 5Gs is super tough!

Product Code: 17342
Price: £29.99

Product Information

The Keypod has been a staple for surfers around the globe for years now. Their innovation through surf security has been applied to areas outside of the surf world and is now loved by millions. For us surfers, Keypod's have made it a doddle to secure our vehicles and surf worry-free. The clever combination lock and heavy duty materials deter any chancing criminal who target car parks near surf spots and crowded beaches, allowing you to go for a surf and come back to your vehicle untouched.

Like most new vehicles, keys are now electronic and can't be wet, the Keypod allows you to secure them to a towbar or wheel arch and surf without care. Pick up yours today!


- New design for 2016 10mm thick steel padlock shackle

- Full width steel pin engineered to the hinge for additional strength

- Intergrated shackle combination reset mechanism

- Super tough 3mm thick foam backed corrosion resistant alloy body

- Internal dimensions: L 9cm x W 6.3cm x D 2.8cm

Customer Reviews
  • Excellent product, used this whilst in Devon this summer and it's really awesome. I can leave my keys safe now.
    25/Nov/2012 | Frank Bodsworth, Lincoln, UK
  • I was surprised at how strong it is. Really heavy duty bit of kit, no scumbags thieving my keys now!
    23/Nov/2012 | James Pendleton, North Wales, UK
  • thanks for speedy delivery and great product from a proper surf shop
    16/Aug/2013 | Darrell Noel
  • Simple and secure storage for my keys,pretty solid design and build too.Thanks
    21/Nov/2014 | Ben Hamilton, Newcastle, Uk
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