Surf Logic Key Security - Key Security System (Small)

The Surf Logic Key Security system is a robust and durable locking device designed to protect your valuables when you're doing any outdoor pursuits. The coded locking system allows you to put the lock on any attachable part of your car/bike/railing or just about anywhere secure! The padded back is soft enough to even attach it to your car handle without worry of scratching the paintwork.

Product Code: 21616
Price: £29.95

Product Information

We've all done it, frothing to get in the surf and we leave our keys on top of our wheel or in the suspension springs. We feel like we are tricking the world. Sadly, criminals have started to clock onto this and it makes robbing cars a complete doddle if you have the keys. That's why every surfer should have some key security in the car as standard. The amount of times we spend thinking "maybe someone saw me put my keys on top of the wheel" could be time spent getting barrelled. Don't rick it no more, grab yourself an industry leading key security system - Surf Logic, tried and tested.


- Safe padlock / all metal construction

- Easy to secure anywhere

- 4 digit combination

- Foam backing to protect surfaces.

- Large size: 6.5cm x 9cm.

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