Northcore - Hook Up (Magnetic Wetsuit Hanger) (Black)

The Hook Up By Northcore is the ultimate wesuit hanger, It's strong magnet base means you can use it on your camper, estate or any flat metal surface. Another amazing innovative accessory from the adventure division at Northcore.

Product Code: 23680
Price: £12.95

Product Information

Northcore make surf accessories for the serious surfer. Their dedication to providing high quality equipment to surfers in unparalleled and the roster of their team shows that. You can expect innovation and design at the forefront of every product as well as extensive testing in the most demanding of conditions to make sure product is of the highest standard.


- 65mm Diameter

- 20KG Pull Weight

- Silicone Rubber

- M4 Anti-Rust Stainless Steel Hook

- For Best Results Use On A Flat Metal Surface

Customer Reviews
  • Such a neat idea!
    28/Nov/2014 | Gareth Short,Thirsk,UK
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