Northcore - Extreme Sports Car Seat Cover (Camo)

Northcore are the UK's premium supplier of surf accessories, making quality products at very reasonable prices. These seat covers are excellent protection from your wetsuit and other nasties that might damage your interior. They are fully nylon and wipe down with no hassle, they also look pretty awesome too!

Product Code: 20671
Price: £27.95

Product Information

The worst feeling in the world is changing outside in January. Now, you can stop all of that! Get changed at home, and roll down in our car without fear of water damaged your car/van seats! The Northcore Seat Cover are staples in our vans and cars and they wipe down easily too! So if you want to protect your interior from wetsuits or you just want to keep your car and van in good nick, rock one of these!


- Universal seat cover will fit all cars, vans and 4x4 seats and even allows access for armrests

- Tough, heavy duty material, wipe clean with a damp cloth

- Waterproof (under normal use) and resistant to stains, oil, drinks, mud etc

- High quality wipe clean material

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