Stormrider Guides - Surf Guide Central America

The Stormrider Surf Guide Central America and the Caribbean takes a journey through the wave-rich deserts, jungles and tropical islands sandwiched between North and South America. This region hosts some of the most fun and funky surf spots around, breaking in bath-warm water, immersed in a kaleidoscope of cultures and backdrops. Beautifully presented maps, photos and up-to- date, reliable surf information make this Stormrider Surf Guide a must have item for any trip to Central America and the Caribbean.


  • Been stearing surfers down the right dusty path for years
  • Glossy cover
  • Pictures in colour
  • Beautifully written by experts
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Product Information

Low Pressure is and always has been a company devoted to surf and travel. Expanding horizons and highlighting the potential of a world of waves is the whole point of our business. We have all been lucky enough to experience a huge diversity of waves, people and cultures on our own personal travels, so sharing the stoke of discovery seems to be the right thing to do.

Customer Reviews
  • This book has made me just book the flights...Here i come January 2012.
    07/Dec/2011 | Lee Moss,Swindon,Uk
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