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K10 Bay, the place we love to surf and the place we love to be. Our little bay nestled on the yorkshire is a favourite for any type of surfer, the beach provides a number of waves for all abilities and now you can wear the experience on your back. Let everyone know where you rep, K10 BAY!!!!!
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If you've every surfed, or just been to K10 Bay (Cayton Bay) then you'll know just how magical it is. Not the mention the surf, but also the vibe down there is second to none. We took over the beach front store 7 years ago and made it our own. From the daily accurate surf reports to the stella advice from the employees we have nailed how surf shops should be run, hence why it's revered by surfers around the globe. So when you're in the area, pop in for a chat, a cup of tee, the staff always have time for you and maybe even go for a surf. K10 BAY!!

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