Channel Islands - Curren Hex Fleece (Black)

Tom Curren is one of the most iconic surfers of all time, the Curren Hex is one of the most iconic hexes of all time. The same reason Dane puts it on almost everyone of his boards is the same reason we put it on this crew - its just looks good

Lightweight (6.5oz) cotton/poly blend perfect for when you need a little extra warmth
Product Code: 31019
Price: £64.50

Product Information

Channel Islands and Al Merrick are two names which embody the progress of surfing and the innovation of surf brands. Two names which are trusted by every surfer on the planet. With incredible, revolutionary shapes Al Merrick has steered many a surfer to many a goal and beyond. What many people don't remember is that with brilliant surfboards, come brilliant surf accessories like the famed Hex Cord leash and the excellent PPR tailpads that use only post consumer waste. If you're looking for the best, then you know that you've found it in Channel Islands.

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