Secret Spot - A Frames Logo Hoody + Tee Deal (Navy // Black // White // Grey // BF3 // X18)


Secret Spot clothing is born from nearly 30 years of surf tradition, rocking your local surf shop apparel no matter what break you roll up at.

As we have customers/friends around the world, we can now expand this alliance to everyone. So grab one from our new line of tees and hoodies, all made from top quality cotton and incredibly robust hand screen prints. Built for durability, this is outdoor logo wear at it's finest. These are limited runs, so act accordingly.
Product Code: 31707
Price: £35.00

Product Information

It all started in 1989, when a young Roger Povey wheeled his surf hire trailer onto the slipway at South Bay, he knew there was some mileage in surfing in these brown, cold waters. Having upgraded to a shoe box shop on Hanover Road, the store then moved to the premises it stands today, giving an outlet to countless local and travelling surfers to buy the latest boards and wetsuits. The congregation of local chargers who convened on a Sunday afternoon in the back room of the shop to watch the extended weather chart during Countryfile was a fixture during the 90's, before your webcams and what not, you had to drive/walk down to check the surf, or call the shop, if we were there of course. Ahh simple times. Still, we innovative and stay moving.

Please note your Tee will be the same size as the hoody you choose and will be Grey, Black or White!

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